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black and white image of couple holding handsCouples counseling and relationship therapy with a licensed and experienced therapist can strengthen your relationship and help to resolve issues that are causing you and your partner to struggle.

The ticket to Noah’s Ark was to be part of a couple. In most traditional cases, it takes being a couple to create a family. So, for many of us, the search for the “one” with whom to “couple” can be a lifelong mission. Culturally, having a life partner provides comfort, support, a sense of belonging and “home” for many people.

And yet, relationships can bring with them stress, misunderstanding conflict and intense frustration. Where do we go wrong? Why isn’t the “other” the person we thought he/she was? How do we end up blaming each other for the emptiness and longing that we feel?

My work with couples counseling involves an understanding of who we thought we knew when we fell in love; how our fantasy of the “other” comes into conflict with who we come to know as time goes by, and how our view of our beloved gets clouded by outside stressors, and our own unmet needs. We come to understand how this most supportive and comforting person has become such a source of irritation.

Our work together involves an ongoing process of becoming acquainted with the one we were originally attracted to and how that person differs from the true person underneath, whom we have yet to meet. It involves taking responsibility for our own projections, claiming accountability for our own happiness and learning to develop empathy for the needs of our partner and finding (or re-finding in our partner) our true soul mate and companion.

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