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Like so many others I have tried to cope with a lifetime of having my life run by the cookie, a brownie, or an ice cream cone, always hoping that this next Monday I’ll start the weight loss process again. What does it take to change that compulsion into the commitment that I can run my own life? What does it take to see the cookie as just another kind of food and one that is likely to trigger those old, dangerous urges?

It’s hard to know what it takes, what the proper words are, what the accurate concept is, what the confrontation is that turned my mind the other way, to allow me to get on the other side of the addiction and to be free of it. And how long will I stay there? The answer is an unknown. This weight management process is in some ways more difficult than “one day at a time”, which may be familiar to us through the 12 Step Program and its success stories. For the compulsive overeater, it is more like a “moment at a time” or “an urge at a time”, not “one day at a time.” And how does one come to terms with the overwhelming impulse to believe that “just one won’t hurt”?

Anyone reading the last 2 paragraphs recognizes what I’m talking about. The surgery doesn’t fix the compulsion or problems related to weight management. It’s a tool; and I do believe that we are doing surgery on the wrong organ. We’re changing the stomach, but not the mind. I’m not against the surgery; I’m all for it. It has saved peoples’ lives, restored their sanity, and given them another chance at life.

Getting a handle on this phenomenon before surgery can give one a better chance to make it emotionally to the other side and stay there and be forever grateful for whatever it took to make the leap.

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